Not Sure What Removals is the Best In Mitcham?

Posted on 01th, Jul 15

Relocation companies move entire homes or single pieces of furniture. For the homeowner, the concept of the mover is one that is one that eliminates the stress and worry of the move, as well as the heavy lifting, but still in all, the decision is not one that is easy. Whether moving a home or a single piece of furniture,Kennedy Removalist has the following tips. These tips are designed to help ensure your move is one that does provide the sole intention of hiring a mover, less stress and no heavy work.

When interviewing movers, it is important that you know the “right” questions to ask. Firstly, furniture is often quite valuable, or family heirlooms and antiques and it is essential that the right mover is chosen.

What is the value of your furniture?

Removalist Mitcham

Before contacting any Relocation company, ask yourself how valuable your furniture is. The more valuable your furniture and belongings, the more professional the mover should be that you hire. If the move includes items like quality antiques, a bulky, yet valuable piano, etc. the Relocation Mitcham should have plenty of experience and the right equipment to handle the move. The same applies if your furniture is not particularly expensive, but you have a sentimental attachment to your furniture. You want the right mover to ensure the safety of your furniture and belongings from your existing home to your new home.

Specialty Movers.

If you have furniture that is quite expensive, then consider speaking to a mover that specialises in high-end moves. A Furniture Removalist that is equipped and takes the time to ensure that all aspects of the move are covered to ensure that no damage results to your furniture or belongings during the move. It is essential that the mover has the skill and techniques to ensure caution is taken when handling fragile and valuable pieces.

Piano Movers

Pianos require experience in handling when moving and the Removalist should have the skill and expertise required. Pianos are both heavy to move and bulky, making manpower, equipment and techniques essential in the mover. With many delicate parts to the musical instrument, there are thousands of working parts that must be protected. It is important that piano removalist understands the precision of a piano and how to safely secure and transport the piano.

Listen to Your Instincts, But…

It is important to have a mover that you are comfortable with, but it is also important that you have a mover that has the qualifications to properly move your household or single piece of furniture. Both valuable pieces of furniture, just as those pieces with sentimental value need to be handled, secured and transported with care. The moving company needs to be reliable and one that has a history of successful moves, as well as eliminates the stress by ensuring a safe move.

Moving Tips

Your move is a stressful event and one that most homeowners just wish was over. Careful planning will help to eliminate and ease the stress and the emotions involved in the move.

Make a List

Firstly, write everything down! You have a lot to contend with a move, and your mind will be going in many different directions. Having a record system is essential. You not only want a moving checklist, but you should record everything like what is in specific numbered boxes.


When moving, moving materials are essential. Check with your mover and ask if they supply moving materials like boxes. You will need mattress and furniture wrap, packaging, boxes, tape and markers.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are ideal for items like pillows, comforters and blankets, as well as clothes.

Get Organised Early

Gather your boxes, sort through your items and get organised as early as possible. Waiting until a few days before the move is a mistake and will create chaos. Pack your boxes securely and hanging items tightly.

Colour Coordinate

For each room, designate a colour like orange, yellow, etc. Attach a coloured sticker to the box that contains items from that room. This will be much easier when moving the boxes into your new home as you can put each in the designated room.

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