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Posted on 06th, Jul 15

Kennedy Removals in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne realises the importance of offering homeowners the best moving information to help ease the stress of their move. One of the wisest pieces of advise is to start early. We have prepared the following moving checklist that begins six to eight weeks prior to your relocation.

6 to 8 Weeks Checklist before Your Move

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Six to eight weeks prior to your move, get in touch with your real estate agent or builder, asking for a date and time to collect the keys to your new home. By having a date that the keys will be in your hands, you have the benefit of knowing when you can begin to move physically. If your relocation is across state, then begin to make arrangements for your Moving Company Eastern Suburbs, begin to plan the route you will take, including necessary breaks and where you’ll stay if you’ll need accommodations when traveling from your old destination to your new destination.

  • Make copies of your medical records, important documents, etc. They should be put into a separate container for the move and transported with you. They can also be copied to your hard drive on your computer and saved in your cloud storage.
  • If you have school-aged children, then visit their school to inform the office that you will be relocating to a new area. Ask the proper office staff member to transfer their records to their new school.
  • Begin to sort through your belongings, room by room. Make “Keep”, “Donate”, “Yard Sale” and “Not Sure” piles. With the “Not Sure” pile, go back to the items in a few weeks and make a final decision.
  • Contact your local skip bin company to schedule a skip bin delivery to collect rubbish from your home and yard.
  • Collect your recyclables to take to your local recycling company.
  • If you have furniture and items that will need to be store during your relocation, then arrange for storage with your relocation company.
  • Measure the kitchen and other rooms in your new home to plan and ensure that your furniture, appliances, beds, etc. will fit where they are intended to go. Also, take measurements of the doors and windows to ensure that you can fit items through the entryways in your new location.
  • Arrange for necessary accommodations if your move is a long-distance move. If you have pets, then make plans for the care of the pets during your relocation. Think “safety”.

4 to 5 Weeks Moving Checklist Prior to Your Relocation

  • If currently renting your home, then contact your landlord to inform them of the date and time of your Relocation and to schedule a final walkthrough. Notify your landlord at least 30 days prior to your move.
  • Arrange for your utilities to be disconnected at your current home and re-connected at your new home.
  • Schedule to have your cable, Internet, pay TV, telephone, etc. transferred to your new home.
  • Collect boxes and moving materials. If you are transporting your belongings yourself, arrange for your truck hire.
    Do a deep cleaning in your home.
  • Begin to use up food items in your fridge, freezer and cupboards.
  • Selling your Car, make sure to cancel the number plate with Vic Roads if you are selling your old car, if not make sure all the transfer paper is in order.

2 to 3 Weeks Moving Checklist Prior to Your Relocation

  • Begin your packing. Pack items in sturdy boxes with the bottom, sides and top cushioned with bubble wrap or tissue. Wrap fragile items individually and label all boxes with the contents and room the box belongs in. With fragile item boxes, label the box “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP”.
  • If moving into your new home means moving furniture and belongings up flights of stairs, book the elevator in the building.
  • If a removalist is handling your relocation, then plan to be at your existing home and your new home on moving day. If you can’t be present, then make plans to have a family member or friend present.
    Return library books, DVDs, and all borrowed items.
  • Schedule your change of address. Notify all vendors of magazines, etc. of your new address.

1 Week Moving Checklist Prior to Your Relocation

  • Gather essentials that you’ll need your first night into your new home. Pack them in a separate box. The box should include things like toiletries, plastic eating utensils, medicines, first aid kit, change of clothes for everyone in the family, etc.
  • Clean the outside of your home. Drain the fuels and fluids from any equipment like your lawnmower.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet and pack all prescriptions, etc.
  • Takedown the blinds and curtains in your home. Clean the blinds and have your curtains professionally cleaned.
    Clean out your BBQ and prepare your gas bottles.
  • Dismantle furniture, garden furniture, trampolines, swing sets, etc. Label all parts and the joints of the items so that you can easily re-assemble the items.
  • Prepare your meals for the moving day.
  • Empty and defrost your fridge and freezer. This should be done no less than 24 hours prior to your move.
  • Begin to pack your electrical appliances like your TV, stereo, surround sound system, etc.
  • Pack a separate box of your kitchen essentials that you’ll need your first day in your home like coffee, sugar, snacks, towels, detergent, etc.

Moving Day Checklist

  • Protect all surfaces like stair rails, floors and the corners of your home with moving blankets, cardboard, etc. Cardboard can be laid on the floors to ensure no scratching occurs when moving out appliances and furniture. Moving blankets can be wrapped around stair rails and corners. This will help to ensure no damage occurs when moving furniture out.
  • Let the removalists know what boxes should be loaded onto the truck first.
  • Perform a final walk-through of the home and a last cleaning.
  • Remove your garage door opener from your car.
  • Disconnect the utilities and the water.

With planning and preparation, you can eliminate the stress from your home or Office.

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