Doncaster East Templestowe Storage & Removals

We always get anguished amidst of moving to another place or shifting home. Its gets too desperate to arrange and organize moves and storages of furniture’s and households during temporary shifts, rents, home renovations, etc. This is the time we are in need of someone to assist us getting rid of these risks from head. In Doncaster and east Templestowe storage and removals is carried out at ease in a better and efficient way. Leon Kennedy Removalists is a family run business group since 1920 with around 50,000 satisfied customers. Being the 4th generation, we concentrate to put complete responsibility to provide valuable service to our customers. At Leon Kennedy Removals, we provide Furniture, possessions and household removals and storage in eastern Melbourne. With the help of skilled and experienced professionals we provide utmost care and security for your valuable assets and reduce the burden of stress at the time of moving.

Doncaster East Templestowe Storage and Removals

Over the year we have established numerous relationships with many happy and trusted clients and are always committed to fulfil your requirements during house moving. Being a reliable and committed removalists, we help our clients the furniture storage and removal problems in Doncaster and east Templestowe at an affordable range of price. Leon Kennedy is a trustworthy and established group of company providing an easily accessible secure storage and removing residential stuffs with a long term experience of 98 years. We aim to offer friendly and timely service of high standard from the start to end. A true testament ensuring the quality of our service is the huge number of satisfied customers. Leon Kennedy is providing comprehensive and tailored removal service along with convenient storage of household and residential things across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. At Doncaster and east Templestowe storage and removals is made much easier with Leon Kennedy within affordable price range. Our team of trained and experienced individuals are highly motivated and talented committed to serve you throughout the moving time. Apart from packing, moving and storage solutions you can avail free porta robes, boxes, white papers and much more at the time of move. So that you can sit back and relax without getting frustrated by the worries regarding removals and storage. Moving house can be a threatening challenge. When it comes to Leon Kennedy, you’re free of stress.

Why Choose Us?

  • Serving the Eastern Melbourne since 1920 with around 50, 000 satisfied customers.
  • Highly trained and talented experts to guide you for secure moves.
  • Better service and hospitality for your moves with a large fleet of clean trucks.
  • Trusted family- run 4th generation Removalists with immense experience.
  • Exclusive porta robes, boxes and white papers at the time of move.
  • Melbourne’s highly preferred reliable and committed Removalists.
  • Better service with utmost customer satisfaction under affordable price.

Customer review:

Dear Leon,

Thank you, Leon and team, for coordinating our family’s move from Kew to Eaglemont. Your staff were courteous, efficient and friendly, which helped to make a busy and stressful day that much easier for all of us. Boxes and packaging paper were left with us a few weeks prior to moving day, and picked up a few weeks later, all included in the cost. Thank you for organising an extra truck, just in case, also at no extra charge. It is the personal service and care of our furniture that I will remember, and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to family or friends.

We hope this enquiry translates into business for you.

Alex Hewson

Moved from Kew 3101 Melbourne to Eaglemont 3084
Eastern Suburbs Melbourne (


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