Antiques Furniture Removals Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage in Eastern Suburbs provides Furniture & Antiques Removals services. We eliminates the concern of moving antiques and fine arts. Our moves are focused on precision and security, and each is performed with the utmost care. At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we know the value of your cherished belongings and understand that damage causes more than a financial loss; it causes an emotional loss, as well. When you choose us, you are assured all precautions are taken to protect your antiques and fine arts from one destination to another. We provide our customers with a full range of moving services performed by outstanding movers.

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is experienced in moving antiques of all kinds. We utilise only the best approaches in preparing your valuables, including blanket wrapping and stretch wrapping to ensure no surface damage occurs. With experience and resources, our customers are assured a safe antique furniture relocation.

Moving Antique Furniture

Antiques Furniture Removals

Antiques can be a challenge when moving, especially when the move is an interstate move. Proper handling is necessary to ensure the safety of the items when moving. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage are expert Furniture Transporters, wrapping and packaging all your antiques in a manner that ensures their safety while in transport. Our fleet of vehicles is customised to ensure no movement during the move.

We know the hazards and tasks that go along with antique and fine art removals and assure our customers a safe and secure move. We are among the premier moving companies and one that is a reputable mover of antiques. When your valuables matter, no ordinary mover is adequate. Knowledge, experience and equipment are vital. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage are qualified movers who know antique moves, and perform them well.

Your Antique Moving Company

Finding a moving company that handles antiques can be more than a challenge. Antiques are cherished belongings and exquisite transport from one destination to another is necessary. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage provides both moving and storage services. Our staff consists of expert specialists who are fully trained, skilled and experienced to ensure the best home or Office Relocation Melbourne. Our specialty is home and office moves, as well as ensuring that each piece transported is transported in a manner that ensures a safe arrival. Our fleet of vehicles includes trucks, vans and utility vehicles that are perfectly matched to tour customers’ moves.

When you hire Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, you hire a moving company that:

  • Offers affordable prices
  • Is a reputable removals in Melbourne
  • Has been in the business since 1920
  • Is family-owned and operated
  • Provides optimal moving services
  • Provides optimal storage
  • Are home and office relocation specialists

Aside from stellar removals and storage, we also offer a complete range of packing materials, supplying all items required for your over. Our fully secured storage facilities are ideal for both short term and long term storage. Moving antiques is a move that brings with it a great deal of concern. When you hire Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, you hire a company that is experienced in antique relocations and one that has years of experience in the business. Our commitment is to our customers, and it is a commitment we take seriously- a safe and secure move, ensuring no damage to their antiques and fine arts.

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