Furniture Storage Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Leon Kennedy Removals and Storage Ltd provide the best professional furniture storage facilities based on your needs. Being the number one Furniture Removals services in Mitcham and Melbourne, Kennedy Removals give users the opportunity to easily get free quotes to suit their next move. Furniture storage is a very cost-effective solution if you have to limit your shipment size, are renting your home whilst you are gone or maybe you need to move into temporary accommodation. Kennedy Removals provide safe and secure storage facilities. Your goods can be professionally packed and you will be provided with a separate inventory for items destined for storage. Our secure storage facilities are designed to make life easy for you to use our storage units.

Furniture Storage Eastern Suburbs

Reliable Storage Solutions only at Kennedy Removals Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Placing your furniture and goods into storage, at even the shortest of notice and for as long as necessary, allows you total flexibility. It will enable you to move out on time and let your buyers move in and preserve the chain. You can approach us when you need a ‘stop gap’ during the move process, when you are moving into rented accommodation prior to purchasing a new home, when you are renovating, building or decorating and need to store items to create space, when you are working from home and require convenient storage of documents and items or If you are renting your home and want to keep your possessions safe and secure.
The dedicated Professional Removalists at Kennedy Removals have the expertise to provide extra care for your fragile items such as carpets, rugs and fine china, and work to ensure that they are returned to you in the same condition as you left them. Our team is trained in packing, loading and storing the most delicate items to help give you peace of mind while you move.