Furniture Storage Mitcham Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

While shifting your home, always a trustworthy removalists is required to set everything in a perfect way. Leon Kennedy Removals have specialised in assisting families and people to ship the furnitures and household across the Mitcham and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for over 98 years. We’re proud of being the only 4th generation family business in Melbourne brimmed with quality standards and trust, servicing Residential Removals and Storage. We have a well trained professional and talented experts to deal with your removals and storage services. One of the major problems faced during moving or changing your home place is the transportation of home stuff and furniture’s. Also for maintenance or temporary shift, you may be in need of storage facilities. Leon Kennedy Removalists is one of the most preferred service company for both removals and storage facilities with almost 50000 happy clients. Keeping high value and priority to your needs we try to maintain the best standard throughout.

Furniture Storage Mitcham Melbourne

Leon Kennedy Removalists in Mitcham and Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has been serving people with Removalist services for residential/homes/domestic needs. We can take out the risk and responsibility from your head keeping your possessions, belongings, and assets confidential and accessible at safer storage. At Leon Kennedy Removals, we have great experience of moving residential removals since 1920 at an exclusively unbeatable price range. Our team put quality standards and commitments to make a flexible storage service for you. While putting your things into storage be confident that Leon Kennedy Removals knows what exactly is to be done from the ease of access to safety and security. Here we have your things safe and covered at an easily accessible area near you. We ensure that your belongings are perfectly protected and stored. Porta robes, boxes, white papers, etc. will be exclusively free during the time of moving or storage. We have talented and reliable experts to manage packing, loading and storing the most delicate and valuable items while you move. We make your convenience a priority and ensure that every item is returned to you in the same condition it was in when it arrived.

Furniture Storage Mitcham Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Leon Kennedy Removalists have been providing an efficient and cost-effective removal service for both individuals and residential needs with a long term experience, so whatever be your requirements, we can help you to sort out the problem. We’ll handle virtually every aspect of your move, from collection and packaging to storage and shipping. Leon Kennedy is a removalist company that you can trust and with Moving & Storage with established and recognised names in the industry. We assure that we possess the experience and expertise to handle your moves with the ease, at affordable price. With our skilled professionals and experience, we will help you with all the necessary paperwork, without any problems during moving and storage. We have a completely secure and flexible storage facility, with 24-hour security. We’ve carried out 50,000 moves and storage services throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in the last 98 years. Leon Kennedy Removals is a foremost removals company as your security is paramount to us. You can simply allow us to pack everything in the best way to make use of space and time. The quantity of furniture’s and duration of keeping doesn’t matter, we believe we can meet all of your storage needs. For this reason, we are one of Melbourne’s’ best choices.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted 4th generation family business Removalists in Melbourne with 50,000 happy customers since 98 years.
  • Trained and professional experts committed to guide safe and secure moves.
  • Serves at Mitcham and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne with a large fleet of clean trucks.
  • Ensures reliable service and hospitality throughout your moves at a competitive price range.
  • Get porta robes, boxes and white papers exclusively free at the time of the move.
  • One of Melbourne’s highly preferred Removalists when it comes to service, customer satisfaction, and affordable prices.

Customer review:

Hi Leon

Our move was a little out of the ordinary with multiple cancellations and changes. Kennedy Removals handled it all without complaint and saw to it that our things got to where they needed to be at the end of the whole mess. What is more, they did it at a very reasonable price. Nothing was damaged and the people doing the job on the day were a pleasure to work with. We’ll call you next time for sure.

Best regards,

Adam Eberbach

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