Furniture Removals Deepdene

With more than 90 years of home relocations, Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Deepdene guarantees a quality removal; and, not just quality. We haven’t changed our moving rates in over six years. Our focus is on local home removals with quality and care.

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Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is a 4th generation removal company that completed its first removal in 1920. Since our early days, our business has grown, and our reputation has been built to become the trusted family mover in Deepdene. We look forward to helping you relocate to you new home.

Furniture Removals Deepdene

Personalised Relocation Services, a caring family-owned and operated business that focuses on the needs of our customers and affordable moving rates. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage prides itself on being a family moving company that moves families and takes the time to offer the services that show we care. We understand that we are not just moving furniture and household goods, but memories and cherished items that are irreplaceable. We have a long history in Deepdene of being the moving company that households depend on as we have been steadily satisfying property owners with quality Home Relocation for over 90 years.

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we offer:

  • Home Removals
  • Furniture Removals (While we remove the furniture, we will also wrap and disassemble the furniture upon the homeowners request. We will also assemble the furniture when we arrive with the furniture in their new home)
  • Packing and Unpacking (We offer full packing services or what you need help with packing)
  • Quality Transport
  • Transport Insurance
  • Free Moving Boxes (Our boxes are strong and sturdy, being built for home removals)
  • Free White Wrap

We have designed moving packages and conveniences that help make moving affordable for households in Deepdene.

Furniture Removals Deepdene

Why Choose Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage?

Choosing Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Deepdene means that you choose a professional home, mover. We offer services that are backed by over 90 years of experience in the industry. Our team of Furniture Removalists in Templestowe, Deepdene, Rowville are our family, and as one family to another, we understand the value of what is in those boxes and furniture pieces and know our customers trust us to get them there safely.

Kennedy Removals is a removalist that guarantees the best Home Relocation and services, such as:

  • On time Relocations (We will be at your home at the date and time you designate)
  • Safe Transport (Our moving vehicles are customised with all the necessary equipment and devices to secure your furniture and belongings during transport)
  • That your belongings are properly insured
  • Quality relocations that are performed with loving care

We are your dependable and reliable Removalist that does take the time to ensure your move is the excitement and special beginning that you planned.

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Call us at 03 9842 3148