Furniture Removals Templestowe

Relocations are not just transporting household belongings and furniture from one destination to another. Home relocations must be handled with care. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Templestowe has the experience and knowledge to offer homeowners a damage-free removal.

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We are a family-owned and operated 4th generation moving company in Templestowe and focus on moving families.

Furniture Removals in Templestowe

Personalised relocation services show the quality of a removalist. Kennedy Removals personalises each relocation we perform, starting with getting to know our customers and their home relocation needs and finishing with their furniture and belongings being placed where they would like them arranged in their new home. We are a full-service removalist company that focuses on local Furniture Relocations in Box Hill and Templestowe.

We are a removalist that offers all aspects of relocation and one that welcomes the opportunity to cater to moving packages to your exact needs. We offer:

  • Home Removals in Templestowe
  • Furniture Removals (Wrap and Breaking Apart for Safer Transport If Needed)
  • Furniture and Household Good Storage
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Safe Transport
  • Transit Insurance
  • Furniture Storage

For homeowners that don’t require us to complete their entire relocation like their packing, we offer free moving Boxes and white wrap.

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As a 4th generation relocation company, we have many customers that we have relocated as children and are now grown adults and contact us to relocate their homes. This gives us a great deal of pride in knowing we are the family moving company with these types of relationships with our customers.

We offer our customers the peace of mind of:

  • Being a member of VIC Transport Association (VAT)
  • An established member of the community since 1920
  • Offering dependable and reliable moves that are performed on time
  • Transport household belongings and furniture safely and securely
  • Offer furniture storage for customers that may require short or long term storage

Furniture Removals Templestowe

Why Choose Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Templestowe?

As a family-owned and operated 4th generation removalist, there is no other Removal Company like ours. We have over 90 years of experience in home removals, locating a number of families and individuals in nearly every niche of Templestowe.

We are a removal company that doesn’t make their customers feel like we are doing them a favour by being their Removalist. But, a moving company that allows their customers to know that they have a reliable mover with the experience and understanding to care for and transport their household goods to their new home safely, and one that will go the extra mile for them.

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is the family movers that offer affordable moving rates.

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To discuss your relocation needs, to customise a relocation package or to obtain moving rates, contact Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage at the number below. We can also be reached through our “Enquiry” form at the top right of this page.

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