Relocation Bayswater

Quality local moves don’t have to go out of the budget. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage offers custom moving packages designed to the needs of our residential and commercial customers at affordable rates. We have been in the business since 1920, providing the community with the best in removal services.

We take great pride in saying we are a 4th generation company. We also take great pride in saying we get our customers to their new destination quickly and with the least stress.

We ensure that our residential and office customers will receive:

  • Affordable moving rates
  • High-quality office relocations
  • High-quality residential relocations
  • High-quality furniture removals
  • Furniture storage
  • Moving boxes
  • Customised moving packages
  • Free moving quotes

We Are the Professional Movers

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Bayswater has been in the moving business since 1920. We provide the community with local and Interstate residential and commercial moves. We have performed many relocations like Relocation Greythorn and through these moves we have built the reputation as the mover who offers excellence in moving services and a personalised focus on the needs of our customers.

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Bayswater is a 4th generation business that treats our customers like family, offering personal assistance and quality moves that you can depend on in the quickest amount of time.

Residential Relocations Bayswater

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Bayswater specialise in residential local and Interstate moves. Our residential movers have been servicing property owners in the community for over 90 years. We take a great deal of prides in saying that each Bayswater relocation we perform is one that eliminates the stress of the move for our customers. We offer fast and efficient relocation services in Bayswater at affordable moving rates:

Residential moves

  • Fast moves
  • Furniture removals Bayswater
  • Furniture breakdown and re-assembling
  • Furniture packing and unpacking
  • Furniture storage

Relocation Bayswater

Our Residential Relocation packages include customised moving packages specific to customer needs. With professional damage free moves that don’t break the budget and get you to your new home fast, we are a preferred removal company in Bayswater for local residential and Interstate relocations.

Commercial Relocations Bayswater

Commercial relocations require a mover that understands the needs of a business. The movers at Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage specialise in commercial and Office Relocations. We know that the less time a business is down is a priority. We can move an office, or building of any size fast and efficiently, as well as set up the furniture, equipment and belongings once we get our customers to their new place.

Our quality office and commercial relocation services include:

  • Commercial and office relocations
  • Fast and professional moves
  • Furniture and equipment removals
  • Document removals
  • Furniture and equipment packing and unpacking
  • Furniture and equipment breakdowns and re-assembling
  • Furniture storage

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage can guarantee a fast and damage free quality office relocations at affordable prices.

For more information on our custom commercial and office moving plans, please contact us.

Furniture Removals Bayswater

Furniture can be particularly hard to move. Kennedy Removals & Storage offers furniture removals and furniture storage that include breaking down the furniture and re-assembling the furniture. Our Furniture Removals include cherished and bulky furniture like pianos. Our removalists are certified, trained and experienced to ensure furniture removals that don’t damage furniture.

Why Choose Us?

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is a 4th generation moving company that has the experience to offer excellence in relocation services in Bayswater. We are a company that ensures quality and damage-free home and office moves of any size.

Our relocations are performed by certified removalists Bayswater who can get our customers to their new place fast and without damage to their furniture and belongings.

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we:

  • Offer customised moves
  • Offer personal focus to each customer
  • Offer affordable moving rates
  • Offer fast and professional moves
  • Offer free boxes

Contact us today for quality moves at affordable moving rates.

Contact Us Today

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we offer affordable Bayswater and Interstate residential and commercial moves. Our moving rates and personalised services are second to none. Just give us a call for assistance with your Bayswater or Interstate relocation. Our removalists can be reached at the number below.

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