Furniture Removals Warrandyte

A home is the people and the belongings within the home. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Warrandyte has been providing home relocations since 1920.

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we take a great deal of pride in saying that we are a 4th generation family owned and operated moving business. In the industry, we are an industry specialist that has the experience of being the only one of its kind in Warrandyte. We have been moving families for over 90 years and welcome the opportunity to complete your next relocation.

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Furniture Removals Warrandyte

Home Furniture Removals in Warrandyte

A professional mover is a solution to ease the strain and the time-consuming tasks involved in a home removal. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is concentrated on Local Moves in Warrandyte, handling all aspects of a home relocation, or personalising a relocation to our customers’ specific needs. Our tailored moving packages are designed to eliminate the stress and time-consuming tasks involved in their relocation.l M

From specialty considerations like:

  • Offering Free utilities disconnect and reconnect services
  • Offering Free moving boxes built solely with the intention of relocating household goods
  • Free white wrap

To our personalised moving conveniences like:

  • Packing
  • Transporting the furniture and belongings of our customers
  • Unpacking their household goods and furniture (and arranging it in each room as they’d like it)

We are a removalist in Warrandyte that caters to their customers.

We offer a full range of moving services, including:

  • Home Removals at Affordable Moving Rates (Our moving rates have remained the same for over six years)
  • Furniture Removals (We will also break down furniture when necessary and wrap all furniture to ensure a safe transport)
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Damage-Free Transport
  • Moving Insurance, including Transit Insurance
  • Long Term and Short Term Furniture Storage (Our storage facilities are first rate as they are temperature controlled and monitored and patrolled 24 hours a day)

We are the Furniture Removalists in Ringwood and Warrandyte that offers value for money.

Why Choose Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage?

When you choose Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage for your home relocation, you are assured of a quality mover that does not take advantage of our expertise in the moving industry by charging our customers outrageous moving rates. As a family-owned business, we cater to families in Warrandyte covering all aspects of Home Removals. We are a company that knows that each piece of furniture and each box filled with our customers’ belongings is something of importance. Whether moving antiques, family heirlooms, or children’s toys, we ensure that the items are moved with care and consideration. We also assure our customers that the best techniques and equipment are used to ensure a safe arrival in your new home.

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage we guarantee quality will not be dismissed for affordable moving rates.

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