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When you hire Kennedy Removals Doncaster, you aren’t risking your relocation to just anyone.

Kennedy Removals is not just a man with a truck. We are a 4th generation family-owned and operated moving company. Our profession is relocating people, ensuring that their cherished items and furniture arrive at their new location on time and without damage.

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Home Removals in Doncaster

Moving isn’t just packing boxes. It takes planning and preparing and proper implementing. At Kennedy Removals & Storage, we handle all or part of your relocation needs. We aren’t a company that focuses on getting the job done, but a company that focuses on getting the job done properly, damage-free and without stress to our customers. As a fourth-generation Relocation Company, we know and understand that to the homeowner we aren’t moving “just” a home. With each box we pack and load in our moving vehicle, we understand that a part of the homeowner is attached to the belongings inside the box. We take a great deal of care and consideration and only employ certified movers that are highly trained and experienced.

We service Doncaster homeowners with quality removals and have done so since 1920. While we are a full-service Furniture Removalist in Warrandyte and Doncaster, we also offer catered conveniences like free moving boxes and white wrap to property owners that would like to pack themselves to reduce the cost of their relocation.

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Pty Ltd we offer:

  • Home Removals
  • Furniture Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly
  • Furniture Removals
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Doncaster Relocations
  • Furniture Storage

With each move we complete, our customers have the peace of mind that their household goods are not just in good hands, but also are properly protected with the proper insurance coverage. We also offer our customers the peace of mind that we are a trusted moving company and a member of VIC Transport Assoc. (VTA).

For over 90 years, we have been in the moving industry, offering dependable relocation services tailored to the property owners specific needs. With a strong commitment to offering quality services at affordable moving rates, we have not changed our rates for the last six years.

Kennedy Removals & Storage is your solution for a quality removal that isn’t just labeling boxes and packing them into a truck. We ensure each item is carefully packed and transported and that the needs of our customers are met.

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Call us at 03 9842 3148

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, we are a family, not just a removal company; and it is our commitment to getting you and your cherished belongings to your new location damage-free.