Furniture Removals Blackburn

The experience of the relocation company does make a difference. Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Blackburn has been in the moving professional since 1920.

Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage is the only removalist in Blackburn that can say that we are a family owned and operated 4th generation moving company. We are also a relocation company that hasn’t changed its moving rates in over 6 years. Our commitment is to relocate families and individuals and their household goods safely to their new location. At Kennedy Removals & Storage, we offer value for money.

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Furniture Removals in Blackburn

Kennedy Removals is a professional Local Removalist that concentrates on home relocations. As a professional in the industry, and with over 90 years operating our family owned business, our standards are high. We approach each Removal with the attitude that we are not just moving belongings, but moving people, knowing their furniture and household goods hold special meaning to them.

We offer all aspects of a home removal. For households that are in need of short or long term storage, we also offer secured and temperature controlled storage. Our home removals can include all aspects of your relocation:

  • Planning and Preparing
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Furniture Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly
  • Furniture Removals
  • Appliance Removals
  • Transporting
  • Furniture Setup
  • Storage

Some property owners opt to complete most of the move themselves with the exception of loading, transporting and unloading their household goods. For our customers that opt to do their packing themselves, we offer packing materials, such as packing boxes that are designed for removals to ensure the protection of their items.

Why Choose Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage Blackburn?

At Leon Kennedy Removals & Storage, you aren’t hiring just a company. You are hiring a 4th generation family owned and operated relocation company that understands the moving industry. We are an established leader in the community, focusing solely on local removals.

At Kennedy Removals:

  • All removalists are certified, specially trained and have years of experience in all aspects of moving
  • We are a member of the Vic Transport Association (VTA)
  • We are dependable and affordable (We have not changed our moving rates in over six years)
  • We concentrate on the needs of our customers as people, not just a move
  • We guarantee we will arrive and deliver your household goods at the scheduled date and time (If an unforeseen delay, such as the road closed due to an accident, we will immediately contact our customer)

We offer catered moving packages designed to our customers specific needs, and we are the Furniture Removals in Wantirna, Box Hill and other suburbs that never dismiss quality.

Furniture Removals Blackburn

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To discuss your relocation or to ask questions or obtain moving quotes, we can be reached at the number below. We also offer all property owners the option to reach us through our “Enquiry” form located at the top right of this page, which we will respond timely to your enquiry.

Call us at 03 9842 3148

We are your local mover that concentrates on your needs.