Don’t Hire A Warrandyte Removalist Until You Ask The Following Questions

Posted on 29th, Jan 19

These days, most home and business owners opt for a mover when relocating. The reason is one that is simple. Movers ease the strain of the move. However, there are a few questions you should ask while interviewing different movers to help ensure that you select the best relocation specialist for your specific needs. AAA City Removalist has the following tips for both home and business owners who are planning a move.

What to Ask Removal Companies

1. Do you offer binding quotes? When you call different Removalists and provide them with the details of your move, the quote you receive is not a binding quote. Most movers will provide a binding quote or a “not to exceed” quote upon assessing your items to be moved in person, but not over the telephone. A binding quote should be obtained.


2. What charges does the quote include? It is important that you determine all the “extra” charges that are tacked onto the quote like long carry charges, flight charges, parking charges, appliance charges, fuel charges, storage charges, awkward objects, etc. If you have antiques, a piano or other types of furniture that will require extra care or man power to move, let the movers know upfront. Also, be sure to ask if they have the proper equipment to handle the heavy and awkward items.

3. When relocating ask if your items will be transferred? If your move is a long distance move, then sometimes the mover will transfer your items midway onto another truck. If the items are transferred, be aware that there is an increase in the risk of damage.

4. How do you invoice? If the mover only accepts cash, then your best choice would be another mover. The Macarthur Removalist should be specific about the amount that you will be required to pay on delivery as well as the deposit amount you’ll handle at the time of hiring the mover. Most movers will accept cheque and credit cards.

5. How is the move covered? What is your insurance? Is the insurance included in your quote? What else is available other than the basic coverage you offer? Most moving companies have a basic coverage of 60 cents per pound; however, some Removals Companies offer an upgrade on the coverage they offer. Property owners also have the option to work with their insurance provider or a third party provider to add additional coverage to the move.

6. If something does break during the move, what is the process? Who handles the breakage?

How to Hire a Removals

1. Get recommendations. Ask friends, neighbors, and local real estate agents if they have a mover they recommend. Get online and research different movers. You will want to request an in-person estimate of how much your move will cost.

2. When you’ve narrowed your search, begin your research. Visit the companies websites, check any organisations they may be affiliated with, and check reviews on the company. You should interview at least three moving companies and receive estimates, preferably binding estimates. Your estimates should have a guaranteed cap that the move won’t exceed a certain amount of dollars.

3. When the mover arrives for the inhome item inspection, have everything that will be moved ready for them to assess. You do not want moving day to arrive to find that the mover is tacking onto the amount quoted due to an inaccurate count.

4. Get the company’s full name as well as any other names that it may do business under. Also, the physical address of the mover, phone numbers, email and website addresses.

5. When reviewing the estimate, be sure that the words “written binding estimate” are on to of the estimate. The estimate should detail the move and charges thoroughly, including the date, time and distance of the move.

6. Keep the estimate in a safe place.

7. Be sure that the Removals company provides you with their insurance information and license number and check each.

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